Workers Compensation for Employers

We are a full service Provider. Our physicians and physician's assistants are experienced in Occupational Medicine, workers' compensation laws, employer needs, insurance carrier requirements, and patient concerns. We are the providers of Occupational Medicine services for over 500 employers on and beyond the Monterey Peninsula. Over 23% of our business involves the care of injured or ill employees or other occupational medicine services. We are on several MPN lists and are contracted with many workers' compensation carriers.

We follow ACOEM Guidelines.

            Employees with new injuries/illnesses are treated as priority visits.
            Follow-up visits are arranged through appointments.
            Work restrictions are given whenever possible.
            Work status after the employee's visit is faxed to the employer immediately.
            Work status is faxed to the carrier within one (1) business day of the visit.
            Employee is given a copy of the same work status report at the time of service.

On rare occasions, patients are taken off work when necessary. The patient will be scheduled for a follow-up visit within 48 hours for re-evaluation if an injury or illness requires time off from work.

MBUC has a full-time Workers Compensation Case Manager that can help you with any questions or problems. Please call Rachel Balding at 831-372-2273 Ext. 124





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